5 Simple Ways To Beautify Your Yard

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say that you and I have survived another long and snowy winter. Cheers to us! So now is the time to rake up any old leaves, clean out the flower beds, and get that yard ready for some relaxation and outdoor fun.

Yard maintenance can be hard work, but it’s more than worth the effort when you’re out in your yard, lounging between lush, emerald blades of grass and the deep blue sky. So below we’ve included some quick tips on prepping your yard for the warm months, and making a utopia of your outdoor space.


This is one you hear all the experts recommend, but there couldn’t be more truth to the importance of properly aerating your lawn. Cold weather grasses like fescue and bluegrass should be aerated between August and October while warm weather grasses, like Bermuda grass, should be aerated between April and June. Be sure to water the grass a day prior to aeration to soften the soil. Come Spring and Summer, your grass will be thick and rich enough to walk barefooted through- if that’s your thing. Ok, well maybe that’s just my thing.

Give your yard a tune-up.

Remove rocks, old lawn furniture, unused flower beds, and any other debris in order to tailor the yard to the uses you enjoy most. If you like to garden, begin planting vegetables you normally eat. A guy in our neck of the woods holds the world record for the hottest peppers--and he grows them in his own back yard. Last year I began growing a few varieties of hops in my own backyard for homebrewing. They look cool on the vine, and add an antiquated touch to the yard. For another example, my uncle has a long, narrow lawn of fescue, so one day he set up a pitcher’s mound for my cousin to practice on. Remember, it’s your space, so take advantage of the yard you have.

Set up a birdbath and some feeders.

However, I don’t recommend setting them up near your bedroom window, unless you like to wake up to a chorus of chirps blasting in your head. And I can say from experience, birds are loud in the AM. But as long as the birds aren’t on your windowsill, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up to birdsongs on a Spring morning. Yeah, call me poetic or whatever, but it’s still surreal.

Set up a hammock.

What better way to enjoy your yard than to swing in a hammock? Just be sure to wear a little bug repellent in the summer. The trouble of setting up a hammock can be a deal breaker for most would-be hammock-ers, but the SOCO Hammocks Single Hammock is super easy to assemble, and can have you swinging in the shade in under 60 seconds. It comes with a handy mesh pack, so you can take it with you and set up camp wherever you like. And though it only weighs about a pound, the Soco Single Hammock is unbelievably strong, able to hold up to 450 pounds.

Lay down a patio.

Now hear me out. I know an outdoor patio might sound like a season-long project, but the fact is that you can set up a gorgeous brick patio in just a couple of days. It doesn’t have to be enormous either. Look for an even, unused corner of the yard where you can see yourself relaxing with a tall glass of lemonade. You can find a variety of patio bricks (a.k.a. planters), mortar, and all of the other supplies you’ll need at your local home improvement store. It sounds difficult, but believe me, building an outdoor patio is simple stuff, and you’ll be impressed with the finished product.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors if they have any planters they don’t use. Last Spring my neighbors removed their old outdoor patio and gave me a couple hundred planters they wanted to get rid of. There’s a wealth of resources you can find online with detailed, yet easy instructions on how to lay down your patio. And once the patio is finished, create a stepping stone walkway from the back or front door to the patio. Now we’re cooking!

As you lay down the blueprints for your personal paradise, check out these other handy brands that are sure to help you enjoy your new yard to the fullest.

Caru Skincare Co
You may be thinking, "What does a skincare company have to do with my yard?" Well, turns out Caru Skincare can beautify your yard, as well as your face. That's because if you're using a product like the peppermint organic soap, you can actually bury the biodegradable, handmade, 100% PCW paper label embedded with seeds and it will grow into wildflowers!

So let me guess, you love your dog, but are sick of those burn spots she leaves when she goes potty in your yard? Welcome to the club. Try purifying your pup’s water with some Dog Rocks. These innovative stones purify your dog’s water by removing those nasty nitrates that cause burn patches where the dog goes. They’re safe for your dog and easy to use.

When you set up that brick patio, you’ll need something to sit on, so maximize your lounging experience with the GloDea ChairX45. Made with eco-friendly Brazilian pine, the ChairX45 is durable and incredibly comfortable. It’s portable as well, so you can bring that very same sense of relaxation wherever you go.


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