6 Surprising Ways to Keep Warm (Without Turning up the Thermostat)

The winter months are here and if you are like many people battling frigid cold temperatures, you're constantly looking for ways to keep warm without having to rack up your gas bill on heating. Relief is here! Use these six surprising tips to keep a little bit warmer this winter without having to crank up your heater.

1. Put on a pair of gloves
Sure, wearing gloves isn’t all that surprising of a way to stay warm, but it is an inexpensive and easy way to trap warmth and keep your extremities nice and toasty.  Plus, when you purchase your gloves from a company like GiveGloves, you may find it surprising just how warm your body and your heart feel knowing you did something great. For every one pair of warming gloves you buy from Give Gloves, the company sends 50 pairs of medical exam gloves, and 20 pairs of sterile surgical gloves to developing countries. That’s a warm feeling you can be proud of wearing!

It’s not just humans who need gloves either. Keep your hands and your drinks warm with a glove for every size cup, glass or bottle! With a drink insulator from Freaker, you can keep your drinks hot, which will warm you up with every sip.

2. Try a humidifier
When the air around you is cold and dry, it feels impossible to warm up. When you don’t want to crank the thermostat, reach for a soothing humidifier instead. Although you may never have thought of using the words “humidifier” and “chic” in the same sentence, the stylish accessories from Stadler Form might change your mind. These humidifiers, space heaters and fans make it easy to keep your home looking sleek yet cozy, without bulky, ugly devices filling the room.

3. Plan your layers
Layering is one of the easiest ways to quickly warm up in a cold office or when you head outside, but lugging around layer after layer just to stay warm is burdensome and bulky. Instead, plan your layers smartly. We love this cardigan from Secret Sweater. It folds up discreetly into a small bag that tucks into any handbag, so it’s easy to tote. Add it over a dress or top for a stylish warming solution, or put it under your jacket for a discreet extra layer.

4. Try different fabrics
Wool is warm, but can feel itchy. Cotton can be a little too cooling. Why not try a new type of fabric to wear for warmth? Yaks have the ability to make surprisingly comfortable and fashionable clothing from their hair. Try a sweater from Khunu to see for yourself how cozy and stylish this fabric can be. We’re also seeing more and more technical fabrics come on to the market. These can provide warmth, dry quickly, regulate temperature and are easy to layer and wear. Kuhl is a frontrunner in clothing made from technical fabrics they create themselves. Their Revel Full Zip Sweater is not only high performance, it’s incredibly comfortable.

5. Relax!
When you’re cold, you shiver. When you shiver, you tense up making it harder for the blood to flow freely through your body, warming you up. Relax and stop worrying about the temperature, and you will feel better overall. For women, finding a feminine dress or sweater that is classic, stylish, and American made can be a lifesaver. KOKOON makes pieces you can feel confident about wearing, so you can relax and stay warm. Men can also find comfortable, stylish clothing from brands like Duke & Winston that specialize in high quality, high fashion clothing. This shawl collar rugby is ideal because it provides warmth without bulk, so it cuts a smooth, stylish look.

6. Be cozier when you sleep
Your need for warmth does not stop when you hit the sack for the night. It’s hard to fall asleep when you are uncomfortably cold. A few ways to achieve a goosebump-free night include taking a warm shower before you lay down (make sure you dry your hair), pre-warming your bed with a hot water bottle or electric blanket, and knowing the materials your bedding is made from. With a specially woven blanket from ChappyWrap, you can curl up in bed, or in your favorite napping spot, without the frigid cold air hitting your skin. It’s made in Germany with cotton, acrylic, and polyester, ensuring sweet dreams on the chilliest of nights. While you’re at it, why not put on a pair of pajamas that can keep you even cozier at night. Yala pajamas come in fashionable styles for all ages. With these warm pajama sets, you can sleep in a restful slumber without fear of waking up to the cold.

Staying warm doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right clothing and accessories, you can be more comfortable at home, work, or wherever you may go.

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