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Why Consistency is Key for Automotive BDC

There’s no doubt you’ve heard it before: Consistency is what separates winners and losers. This is no less true for Automotive Business Development Centers. But it’s not their fault. Let’s break it down a little...

The Struggle Is Real.

There are serious struggles to be had when organizing lead follow up in your dealership. How can we expect our sales people to complete proper follow up calls when there is a showroom full of customers waiting? How does a BDR or Internet Sales Professional give proper follow up to missed appointments and unsold traffic if there was a huge spike in fresh leads this morning, and contacting fresh ups will take all day? What about the sales people who just WON’T follow up, no matter how many times they are asked to do so? Work plans go unfinished. Customers are lost to competitors. It is the same cycle every day.

The Best Laid Plans.

Many dealerships we work with say the same thing: We focus on consistent lead follow up every month, but it never really happens. Just setting a goal will not make it happen, there needs to be execution. And the execution of the consistency goal falls apart in the (very real!) struggles mentioned above. The only real option in the dealership is to focus on the “low hanging fruit” and what is in front of us today. Then worry about tomorrow, well…tomorrow! Automotive dealerships need consistent lead follow up, they push their teams to make it happen, then it doesn’t. Because, after all, we are busy with the struggles.

The Big Push.

It is common to have laser focus on driving customers to the store the last few days of the month to push end of month sales. But what would happen if your Automotive BDC and Internet Sales Department were that efficient at driving traffic every day, for the entire month? Suddenly, the rush of sold vehicles is your normal. It’s the new baseline of your operation, providing a consistent flow of traffic versus the cycle of “up and down days”.

The Solution.

There are a few basic ways to start executing your consistency plan! First, contact your current Lead Management System and collaborate to form efficient work plans for the agents and sales team. You could also analyze different lead sources to figure out which lead sources have a higher sales success rate, then rank them and be sure to start calling your most successful leads first. Or (our favorite!) focus on creating a systematic workflow that is the same every day, regardless of the time of month.

What we do at Sweet Relish is...we never know what day it is! Don’t panic, it isn’t as worrisome as it sounds!

We treat every day the same. Same follow up structure, same push for

appointments, same workflow routine. Every. Single. Day. We also can schedule

custom marketing to deploy consistently. Whether it’s email drip campaigns, or

a mass text campaign a dealership wants deployed every Monday, it is part of

our workflow that we execute every day! In short, YOUR preferred, consistent schedule, is

our executed schedule. Paired with our unique industry-leading lead follow up

structure (that can be customized!) it is a match made in consistency heaven

yielding extraordinary results for the dealerships we work for. After all,

because almost every dealership has the same daily follow up struggles,

consistency is what separates the winners from the losers.

“Sweet Relish is committed to working with dealerships to provide Automotive BDC solutions. With our F.A.S.T and SMART Software, we specialize in proper lead follow up, including improving outbound productivity up to 400%. Your BDC or ours, we have what dealerships need to succeed.…...if we can be of assistance or if you’re curious to know more, reach out to us. Let’s problem solve together. or (888) 415-4933

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