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Our FAST  experts

There's nothing more exhilarating than successfully setting, confirming, and delivering an appointment! That sentiment perfectly captures our excitement here at Sweet Relish.


We are a highly skilled team of automotive appointment-setting professionals, many of whom bring extensive experience managing traditional BDCs. Just imagine having a team of seasoned BDC managers dedicated to handling your leads!


In our quest for efficiency, we've developed a unique lead management system designed to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and optimize outbound calling.


Our approach is 500% more efficient.


We also offer daily reporting to sweeten the deal and consistently surpass industry benchmarks across all BDC metrics. With Sweet Relish, you'll experience more appointments set, appointment shows, and cars sold!

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What does FAST stand for?

Fanatical Appointment Setting Team!

If you opt for Sweet Relish to manage your BDC, rest assured that you've chosen a team with a singular goal: setting appointments to bring customers into your store!

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210 Delburg Street Davidson, NC


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