SMART Software

 ​      As we developed our innovative SMART Lead Management Software, we kept today's car buyer at the forefront. Traditional automotive software is bulky, inefficient, and makes communicating with your leads slowe. Sweet Relish SMART Software streamlines the process using A.I. elements and seamless workflows. 


Are We a CRM? 

        Not exactly. We offer a cutting-edge communications software that manages leads better than traditional Automotive CRMs. We fully integrate with most traditional CRM's and work closely together to make the magic happen. Keep your current CRM for desking, Sales Person Management, etc., but leave the customer communication to us! After all, that's our specialty!

      We take pride in creating software that is customizable, flexible, and innovative by combining text, email, calling, reporting, on-demand marketing, and more! We are an all-in-one solution that gives you that extra competitive edge when communicating with customers!

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