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Sweet Relish Set Up | Behind the Scenes

It is no secret that Sweet Relish offers more than a traditional automotive Business Development Center. With a constantly improving state-of-the-art SMART software system, the lead follow up and customer contact rate is unprecedented. Sweet Relish offers the opportunity for clients to customize their experience, directing the focus where they would like it to be.

Through months of research and the collection of data and case studies from dozens of clients, automotive and otherwise, Sweet Relish has been able to develop an effective and unique follow-up system that maximizes customer contact and minimizes wasted time on invalid leads.

Once a client has decided to utilize the services of Sweet Relish, the on-boarding process is as follows:

Launch call is initiated

This kickoff call is a discussion of how the Sweet Relish software will benefit the client. This is where a client is able to customize their experience by choosing from a variety of preferences and add-on's...

1. The content of the outbound call scripts for an agent.

2. The content of standard text message responses.

3. The type of information obtained during calls.

4. The unique selling propositions offered to customers.

5. Whether or not texting a customer is acceptable.

6. The follow up time with incoming leads (i.e. 2 days, 4 days, etc)

7. Mass promotions sent through text to a list of current customers or those whose lease might be expiring.

8. What is included in the daily and monthly reports.

9. Whether to text managers through the system with updates on appointments set or specific details on any case.

10. Contacting data mining leads.

The list continues

Anticipated launch date finalized

After the initial discussion, a date is finalized for when the account will be ready for a client.

Soft launch

This is a team of specialized agents that make the first day of calls to troubleshoot any potential issues. This period is essential for streamlining an account and making any improvements before the rest of the leads are contacted.

Launch process

This occurs after the soft launch and is a two week period where the same specialized agents collect data. The top lead sources are identified based on the amount of sales, which allows Sweet Relish to filter out any unsuccessful leads, determine the amount of contact attempts needed per source, and maximize earning potential for a client.

The account is officially ready for all outbound calls

Finally, once all agents have been trained on the new account accordingly, it is officially ready for all outbound calls.

Sweet Relish offers flexibility and freedom not found in many other automotive BDC software systems. A client truly can customize their service to drive preferred traffic to the showroom. Are certain lead sources not converting? Need to get the word out about a big promotion in an effective way? These are just a couple of examples of the problems we solve! Let us know where we should set our sights. If you're not sure, we can help pinpoint issues during the data filtering phase! Sweet Relish is truly an automotive BDC boutique with capabilities that exceed any traditional BDC software solution.

Don’t just take our word for it-- here is a case study of "Dealership A". This client wanted to offer a unique selling proposition for scheduling appointments, so Sweet Relish created an appointment coupon that would take money off the total price of any vehicle at the dealership at time of purchase. Another preference for "Dealership A" was that cases with an auto trading lead source were to be contacted. Sweet Relish then created separate workflows for these leads and customers that were looking to purchase. This allowed agents to cater outbound calls to the customer based on the lead source. Most recently, "Dealership A" as asked to include data mining leads, which are soon to be added to the call volume each day along with a new script specifically for those leads.

The most unique part of the Sweet Relish BDC experience is that the lead management software is constantly improving. Not many companies can say that there is sustained communication with the software programmers. If a client has an improvement they wish to be made, based on the feasibility of this addition, our programmers can have something new working in as little as just a few hours!

If you haven't taken advantage of your FREE software demo, contact us TODAY by clicking here!

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